This is a huge shrub rose blooming in my front yard. Wish I knew the name of it, but it was here before I was so it will remain a mystery.

Monday, May 10, 2010

April Showers....where were they?

Well, we've had some showers here in North Texas, but not near what is needed, especially here at the blooming bungalow.  My flower beds have called out for thirst, thus increasing the water bill, but that's okay, they are worth it! 

It's been so great watching the roses peak this spring.  So many of my bushes are still new, thus not producing mature and strong blossoms yet, but beautiful no doubt. I am absolutely in love with David Austin English Roses.  If you have not ever tried any in your yard, you are missing out.  They provide that old world charm of antique roses, yet most have a longer blooming season than the antiques.  The antique varieties are my second favorite.  There is just nothing like tried and true!  I can't wait for the bursting of my Seven Sisters climbing rose...she's just beautiful with her tiny blossoms in various shades of pink and is currently covered with hundreds of tiny buds!  I bought this rose in remembrance of my Grandmother Bratcher who was one of MANY sisters.
My absolute favorite English Rose - Abraham Darby!
It is bursting with petals! Incredible apricot color that just screams vintage!

Wilson and Buddy seem to be enjoying spring too.  They romp and romp and play together until one of them tires or gets annoyed.  Their companionship is a comfort and pleasure while spending time outside.  Although, they do make my bird feeding tricky and force me to hang feeders in out of the way places.  But that's okay, we can all find a way to co-exist.

I recently hosted a Thirty-One gifts party in my home and the weather could not have been more perfect with the breezes blowing through the screens.  Picture pretty day and a great time was had by all....I think.  I love their products and sure enjoyed sharing them with others and welcoming guests to the blooming bungalow.  The front porch was spiffed up, front door covered with a fresh coat of paint and the old squeaky screen door got herself a new screen, so we were ready to receive guests.   Hopefully I can host another one soon and others who missed it will be able to attend.  It was also another opportunity for me to create flower arrangements, which I dearly love to do.  I chose my favorites, lime green and white.  Just love it!

Is this not just the coolest vase? My dear friend, Kandis, gave it to me. I just love it! So fun!

I hope spring has sprung and you are enjoying your days wherever you are.  Enjoy each new changing moment of this season, it will be gone before we know it and the scorching heat will begin to bake everything in site. 

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes.......

"How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives."  ~ A. Dillard

Make every moment count and find joy in all you can.  Until we meet again.....


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know Spring is here when I make my yearly venture to our local nursery for bedding plants and other blooming treasures!  More restraint was used this year as I didn't add everything to my cart that caught my eye....well, on this trip at least.  There is just something so refreshing and fulfilling about putting my hands in the dirt, cleaning up potted plants that wintered it out in the greenhouse and bringing color back to the blooming bungalow. 

Another pleasurable Spring past-time has been watching baby black-capped chickadees hatch and grow. Their mother decided that my bluebird house would make a nice nesting place and set up house there with four babies!  They are now almost ready to spread their wings and venture out into the big world.  It has been such a blessing watching this miracle and I pray for their safety.  They were an enjoyable treat after the goldfinches left to go up north.  They are all so fascinating and I could watch them for hours.

Since my last post I've been busy with our new family member, Wilson.  Yet another stray cat I have adopted, or should I say, "adopted me."  I do believe there is some sort of radar for strays atop the blooming bungalow because their path always ends up here.  Actually, no matter where I have lived, strays have found me.  Wilson joined Buddy as supervisor of the gardens and they seem to be co-existing together fairly well.  Buddy doesn't usually play nice with others, but for some unknown reason, he just "knew" that Wilson would fit right in. Wilson is now vaccinated, neutered and enjoying life at the blooming bungalow!  We just love him!

I so love this time of year and long to spend the days in my garden, but the real world dictates that I pay bills and earn a living, so a "job" takes up the majority of my time, imagine that!  If only a way could be found to earn a living in my garden, how novel!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and that you have blooms to enjoy and sunshine to warm your face.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Greetings from The Blooming Bungalow

A dear friend has inspired me to create a blog about my little yellow bungalow, the gardens that surround it, my feathered friends who find retreat and nourishment there and my furry four legged sidekicks that stroll about 'supervising' the grounds. It is my grand intention to document the changing seasons, the plantings and musings of life at the little yellow bungalow....with pictures, of course! ;-) Your ideas and comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and 'sit a spell' and for allowing me to share my little piece of heaven on earth.